Type Sketches

Inspired by expressionism, Type Sketches is a series that deconstructs typographic principles by reconstructing shapes and forms to create unfamiliar letterforms. Legibility is not the intention, the focus is on how the shapes have been assembled and interact together to create accord and synchronicity

Type Sketches Experimental Era Didone Typography Blazer Custom Typography Sun Blackletter Typography Blend Didone Typography Omen Type Design Clarity Experimental Type Eye Psychodelic Trippy Type Flow Blackletter Experiment Walk Experimental Type Design Cedilla Custom Type Drip New Style Typography Trust Typography


In Type Sketches, the fusion of expressionism and typography transcends conventional boundaries, offering a visual exploration of disassembled letterforms. This avant-garde series challenges legibility norms, prioritizing the dynamic interplay of shapes and forms. Each composition is a deliberate departure, inviting viewers to appreciate the orchestrated harmony emerging from unconventional typographic elements.