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Who are we?

Cedilla is an independent graphic & type studio based in the uk. We provide unique typefaces, fonts, assets, and bespoke custom design services. If you’re a creative looking for an edge with your designs, you’ve come to the right place.
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In 2022, Ash Lane founded Cedilla Studio, a visionary venture dedicated to sharing his unique typefaces and fonts. Beyond just providing creative assets, Ash's broader vision for Cedilla encompassed delivering educational and insightful typographic content to the community. This marked the birth of Cedilla, a creative hub where originality and knowledge seamlessly intertwine.

Our commitment is to continually update and expand the array of fonts at your disposal. We are here to stay; poised to make a meaningful impact in the typographic niche. As we move forward, our team remains dedicated to delivering high-quality typefaces, ensuring Cedilla Studio's lasting imprint in the dynamic world of typography.



endless typeface
noire typeface



5uper font
endless font
defiant font
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noire font



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